Sue Feng

Sue Feng

Senior Manager

Sue Feng is a Senior Manager at GHS Beijing, where she leads a number of major accounts.

Prior to joining GHS, Sue worked as PR Manager for Nielsen, where she was responsible for the company’s PR and communication campaigns in China. By working closely with leading media organizations, Sue helped strengthen Nielsen’s thought leadership not only in China but around the world. Sue also established and managed Nielsen’s social media platforms.

Sue was a senior English-language reporter and editor for several leading broadcast and print news organizations, including CCTV NEWS, the Wall Street Journal and the Global Times. She reported on China’s rapid economic growth and significant social changes over the past decade. Sue was on the spot for big moments including the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the devastating Earthquake in Sichuan, China’s melamine-tainted baby formula scandal and the migration initiative under the Three Gorges Project. In many of her stories, Sue gave special attention to social, environmental and public health issues, and her sympathy went to those who were brave enough to fight for their legitimate rights. In 2007, Sue contributed to a leading story by the WSJ China Bureau entitled “So Much Work, So Little Time”–one of nine stories in the Pulitzer Prize winning series titled Naked Capitalism.

Sue holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Peking University and a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from the Central University of Nationalities.