Our History

photo credit: kramchang

Our History

Victor Zonana and David Gold created GHS in 2002. In founding GHS, they drew upon their individual experiences and background. Victor was an award-winning journalist for The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, and also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Clinton Administration. David is an attorney who began his work in health as a member of ACT UP’s Treatment Committee in the late 1980s. He then served as Director of Medical Information for Gay Men’s Health Crisis.  David also co-founded the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, a leading advocacy and policy organization focusing on vaccines and other prevention technologies for HIV.

Victor and David teamed up after three years of collaborative work at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). As IAVI’s Vice President for Policy and Public Support, David oversaw the creation of global policy and advocacy programs, brokered major financial commitments, and built partnerships and alliances with institutions around the world. As IAVI’s Vice President for Communications, Victor developed and implemented a focused communications strategy that catapulted AIDS vaccines onto the global health agenda.

Based on this experience, Victor and David decided to build a company that could bridge the gaps between communications and advocacy and help organizations bring comprehensive change to international health and development. They combined their expertise and extensive networks in media, activism, industry and government. The goal was to fuse passion and professionalism and create a business that helps international organizations and businesses have a positive impact on critical global health challenges.

Since its founding, GHS has expanded from a two-person operation to an international firm built around a core team of talented, dedicated professionals. Today GHS is home to a unique global network of professional communicators and advocates, with offices around the world. The GHS team has consistently garnered top-tier global media attention for major client projects. In doing so, we help advance promising research, development and access programs for vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, prevention tools and other essential health interventions.